Monday, December 31, 2007

Hauoli Makahiki Hou

Happy New Year from Hawaii. We have been visiting the family for the holidays. It's raining again today, so it was a perfect day to work on our blog. I was very excited for the fireworks tonight until last night when Logan heard some others lighting up early and got scared. I hope he gets more excited and less scared when he sees all of us burning together. We've had so much fun going to the beach, shopping, and of course eating, eating, eating!


Mike & Gail said...

Glad Logan was not scared of the firetruck this time! In October (2007)when we went to the grocery store, a group of firemen pulled into the lot near us and showed Logan lots of the equipment. When the fireman wanted to help Logan try on the boots and helmet, or sit in the driver's seat, he got scared and wouldn't cooperate, so we just walked around the outside and looked into the compartments. Love, Grandma G.

The Henricksen Journal said...

Yeah... you are bloggers. It's addicting, for me anyway. Post some pics of your cute kids. Miss you guys. Jer, it is good to hear your voice in the blog. I forgot how much I really like you. Let's all go camping again sometime this life, eh? :)