Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt #3

This first picture is actually from Easter Egg Hunt #2, but Picasa wouldn't let me do too many pics at once. This LOOKS like an innocent enough picture - like Logan is just holding his basket and about to pick up an egg, right?! Wrong! This is the picture right before Logan decided to throw his entire Easter basket - eggs and all - down the slide (to his left) and then pick up every egg hidden on the play structure and throw them down after it.

Here is Logan helping Kailey find her Easter Basket this morning.
Kailey liked chewing on the wrapper of a chocolate covered marshmallow Easter Bunny. Lucky for me, she can't eat that yet, so I get it!

Logan taking a picture of Kailey with his new toy cell phone. He thinks he is just like Mommy now!
He LOVES this phone - he completely ignored everything else the Easter Bunny brought. He also cried for half an hour when we told him he couldn't bring it into church because it was too noisy!

The kiddies and I in our Easter best!

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Easter Egg Hunt #2

I got to be in charge of hiding the eggs this year and a bunch of friends helped. Here is Chuck Bowen holding an egg that a squirrel ate through only minutes after we hid it!
Jeramy got to be the Easter Bunny.
The last picture shows about half of the people that came.

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Easter Egg Hunt #1

Logan didn't want to go with his 0-3 year age group - he wanted to hang out with the big girls!
After finding 6 eggs, Logan said that he got "enough" and decided to hang out and check out his loot. Not the kind of "loot" that Jeramy's sister's got, but the candy...
After a couple of minutes, he changed his mind, got a second wind, and collected 8 more eggs!
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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Jeramy fed Kailey's her first "real" food today while I was at the Habitat for Humanity build. He said she really seemed to like it and that she ate half a tub! Go Kailey! The construction was fun for me and great experience. We laid decking which I guess is like plywood boards that will go under the floor. The scary part was that we were two stories up nailing the plywood to the tresses. I was pretty scared of the height, but after a while it wasn't so bad. It felt good to do some service for the community.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It's official! Kailey has gotten her first two bottom teeth just a couple of days past her 6 month mark. They are razor sharp and have me dreaming of weaning, but I think we may be at least a couple of months away from that. Kailey is hitting all of her milestones right on target and it is so fun to watch her progress. She can already roll over, and now she can sit up by herself (at least for a little while). Way to go Kailey! I think Dr. Quillian is right, you are a precocious one!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Logan's Quote #4

So Logan is going through a phase (I hope) of not wanting to eat the skin on apples. He also decided that he doesn't like the crust on bread. Today when I asked him if he was going to eat the crust parts of his Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, he said "No, it's too skin-y!"

Monster Jam

On the spur of the moment, we got tickets to see Monster Jam at the John Paul Jones Arena. It was quite the redneck thing to do, and when I showed up, everyone was wearing camo - so I felt a little out of place (or underdressed?!). Logan really loved the show, because the only other time I've ever seen him still for 2 hours at a time is when he is asleep. I was glad that we brought his monster trucks from home because they were selling similar ones at the arena for $25 each!! It wasn't as dirty and muddy as I expected, and nobody crashed, but it was still cool. Oh yeah, and Kailey is permanently deaf. Just Kidding. We left her with some friends. (Who are now deaf from her crying)

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Logan's Story

So I wrote a story for Logan about one of his typical days and now I am trying to take pictures to fill the book. These were a couple of cute pictures. I like them because they show his personality.
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My darling

Kailey is just so cute and so happy.

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