Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quote #3: Friends from the Start

The other day, we were all playing together and Logan said "Kailey is my sister. Kailey is my friend." It made me so happy to hear him say this. I have never talked about them being friends, so this was something that he came up with on his own. He really is so loving to her and Kailey loves being around him. I hope they will continue to be friends as they grow up.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Monsters are Coming!

I love that Logan has started using his imagination over the last couple of weeks. We played a game today where we turned off the lights and used binoculars to find monsters. Then we shot them with a gun. It was fun.

Obama Wins!

Since Romney dropped out of the race, we've been rooting exclusively for Obama. I like his hopeful campaign (and that he graduated from Punahou). I also like that he's eloquent - which is a much needed change from Bush ("If there's one thing that Americans know how to do, it's grow corn!") We are excited that Obama has won the Potomac primaries including Virginia, DC and Maryland and is now ahead of Hillary Clinton. (I wouldn't mind if Hillary won, but Jeramy doesn't like her)


So I haven't really been keeping track of Kailey's milestones like I should. I think she started smiling around 6 weeks and laughing and gooing around 3 months. Well, I was hanging out at the Cannon's house "watching" their kids (they were just asleep) and playing with Kailey when she ROLLED OVER. At 5 MONTHS! Logan didn't do that until he was 10 months. I attribute it to her sleeping on her tummy. I think she really likes the mobility and the chance to look around (there's lots to see when Logan is your big brother!)

Logan's Quote of the Day #2

"I don't want to be smart!"

Let me explain this one. Since Logan started jumping on Kailey while I nurse her, I have let him watch TV to keep him occupied. Well, now all he wants to do is watch TV, so we are really trying to limit it, but he keeps begging to watch. Finally, Jeramy tried to explain to Logan that if you want to grow up to be smart, then you can't watch too much TV. To this Logan replied "I don't want to be smart!"