Monday, April 7, 2008


Okay, so maybe I put up too many pictures of Kailey, but I just think she is the most adorable baby I've ever met! She's almost 7 months now, and to the point where she can sit up very well on her own. The only problem is that even if you put her in one place, she doesn't stay there long as she is so interested in the world around her. She can't crawl yet (thank goodness) but she somehow scoots or rolls or army crawls her way all around the living room floor.
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ann marie said...

Meredith...that top picture is TOTALLY you! Kailey looks just like you in that picture, it's crazy! I would have to agree with you...she is pretty darn cute! Darling kids!

The Henricksen Journal said...

what a cutie! of course you think so... it is soooo true. what is even better is that she looks just like you!

Kimberly Porter said...

Kailey is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen!