Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama Wins!

Since Romney dropped out of the race, we've been rooting exclusively for Obama. I like his hopeful campaign (and that he graduated from Punahou). I also like that he's eloquent - which is a much needed change from Bush ("If there's one thing that Americans know how to do, it's grow corn!") We are excited that Obama has won the Potomac primaries including Virginia, DC and Maryland and is now ahead of Hillary Clinton. (I wouldn't mind if Hillary won, but Jeramy doesn't like her)


azufelt said...

I am sad to see that Romney is out of the race, I'm also anti-Hillary... but what's the deal with Obama not saluting the American Flag? Isn't he running to be the Pres. of AMERICA? I thought that was odd when I found out. Deduction for Obama in my book.

Dookie Howzer said...

I just looked that up. There is in fact a picture published in the October issue of "Time" showing him standing up during the national anthem, but he does not have his hand over his heart. I wonder if the photographer who took this picture was saluting?

Dookie Howzer said...,29307,1662530_1446035,00.html
Here is the link.

azufelt said...

Alright, so here's the video clip of...

Yeah, I know that the singers and photographers aren't saluting... one could argue that they are "Exempt" because they are busy with singing the anthem and recording the momentous occasion. Obabma however is of every avail to salute the flag.

I did also see another clip where he stated he was not going to wear a USA flga pin on his lapel anymore because he would rather show his support of America through his words.

I don't know, I'm not saying that it makes him a traitor or anything, but what's the point he's proving? I don't get why he would do that? I mean, I'll for American unity and saying the pledge of allegiance in class rooms and not burning the flag, and heterosexual marriage and stuff, does he have those same values?

Kimberly Porter said...

We like Obama as well (since Romney it gone) :)

kayleen said...

Kayleen says she is happy with anyone as long as it isn't Hillary.
(she look a like a man) please see snl
Louise says clintons had there turn in the white house and that was a disaster.