Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So I haven't really been keeping track of Kailey's milestones like I should. I think she started smiling around 6 weeks and laughing and gooing around 3 months. Well, I was hanging out at the Cannon's house "watching" their kids (they were just asleep) and playing with Kailey when she ROLLED OVER. At 5 MONTHS! Logan didn't do that until he was 10 months. I attribute it to her sleeping on her tummy. I think she really likes the mobility and the chance to look around (there's lots to see when Logan is your big brother!)

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azufelt said...

Logan didn't roll over until he was 10 months?!!!

T saw the doc the other day and he said she was a tad bit behind because she wasn't showing any signs of rolling over yet, and she's only 3. She might be, but I'd say that's pretty ambitious to be rolling, or atleast well, by the age of 3 months...? whatever. You'll have to try and catch a good pic or video of K rolling!