Saturday, March 22, 2008


Jeramy fed Kailey's her first "real" food today while I was at the Habitat for Humanity build. He said she really seemed to like it and that she ate half a tub! Go Kailey! The construction was fun for me and great experience. We laid decking which I guess is like plywood boards that will go under the floor. The scary part was that we were two stories up nailing the plywood to the tresses. I was pretty scared of the height, but after a while it wasn't so bad. It felt good to do some service for the community.
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matt despain said...

She is sooooo cute you guys! I can't wait to feed Isabella her first real food. How fun. Ouch though. Not looking forward to the razor sharp teeth situation. Let me know how that goes. This is Christina, not Matt by the way.