Sunday, March 2, 2008

Logan's Story

So I wrote a story for Logan about one of his typical days and now I am trying to take pictures to fill the book. These were a couple of cute pictures. I like them because they show his personality.
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Jenifuz said...

He's a cutie!!!!

Just Katy said...

I love Logan's personality. He is one of the funnest kids I know but still very thoughtful. He's always finds the most creative ways to have fun in nursery.

ashley said...

Ah, don't you love the things that you get to do and come up with by being a mom at home? I should make the girls some books about their day, they would think it was awesome. I made them some paperbag album books that just said things like, "My favorite color is..." And Brooklyne drug it around with her everywhere!

We had so much fun at Phantom, and of course had fun away from the kids for an evening!