Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It's official! Kailey has gotten her first two bottom teeth just a couple of days past her 6 month mark. They are razor sharp and have me dreaming of weaning, but I think we may be at least a couple of months away from that. Kailey is hitting all of her milestones right on target and it is so fun to watch her progress. She can already roll over, and now she can sit up by herself (at least for a little while). Way to go Kailey! I think Dr. Quillian is right, you are a precocious one!


azufelt said...

That's fantastic! I hope That Tristan starts to pick up on all those things!

So what's this I hear about J having an interview in TX? I thought you were going to let me know, slacker (Directed toward J, not M!) Well, I may not be around... I just got plane tickets to go up to Mom's for the beginning part of April. Anyway, let me know when you might be down here maybe we could meet up... It's a big place though, you know!

Meredith said...

It's in College Station - how far away is that from you? Jeramy will go down alone first, then if we are serious about the job, they will fly us all down again.