Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt #3

This first picture is actually from Easter Egg Hunt #2, but Picasa wouldn't let me do too many pics at once. This LOOKS like an innocent enough picture - like Logan is just holding his basket and about to pick up an egg, right?! Wrong! This is the picture right before Logan decided to throw his entire Easter basket - eggs and all - down the slide (to his left) and then pick up every egg hidden on the play structure and throw them down after it.

Here is Logan helping Kailey find her Easter Basket this morning.
Kailey liked chewing on the wrapper of a chocolate covered marshmallow Easter Bunny. Lucky for me, she can't eat that yet, so I get it!

Logan taking a picture of Kailey with his new toy cell phone. He thinks he is just like Mommy now!
He LOVES this phone - he completely ignored everything else the Easter Bunny brought. He also cried for half an hour when we told him he couldn't bring it into church because it was too noisy!

The kiddies and I in our Easter best!

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Matthew said...

sad thing is that Logan dresses nicer than I do.

ashley said...

To Matthew--- That's cuz his mom dresses him... !!

Jenifuz said...

You guys look great!!

ashley said...

Thanks Meredith... yeah I DO like multi-colored tables and all... but then I would have to get new chairs to match...!! Eh, the girls weren't too messy with the eggs, and I even pawned off the eggs to a friend... we don't eat boiled eggs at our place. (Although Madison did say she wanted to try, I guess because pink glittery ones MUST taste better than regualr ones!)